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Samyak started the journey with development of microprocessor trainer kits. These Kits are useful tools for R & D centers of the companies working with microprocessors and educational institutes like engineering colleges taking course of microprocessors.

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Reverse Mixture Plant Controller
Model: SMIT 1301

Reverse Mixture Plant Controller SMIT 1301

Specifications : It has 64 KB EEPROM for data & parameter storage, Operating Supply : 110-230VAC, Keyboard : Eight keys read more

Weight Indicator
Model: SMIT-3015

Weight Indicator SMIT-3015

This is a microcontroller based Indicator unit. It is highly versatile, accurate and different from the conventional indicators. read more

Bag Filling Controller

Bag Filling Controller

This unit is designed to control automatic bagging machine. Feeding mechanism can be vibration plate or through pneumatic valve. With good accuracy and powerful read more

Load Cell Amplifier / Transmitter

Load Cell Amplifier / Transmitter

This unit is very useful tool to interface load cell as an input to the Indicators, controllers, PLC having industry standard analog inputs: current or Voltage. read more

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