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Samyak’s Journey :

Samyak started the journey with development of microprocessor trainer kits. These Kits are useful tools for R & D centers of the companies working with microprocessors and educational institutes like engineering colleges taking course of microprocessors. Samyak was one of the first companies to offer microprocessor trainer kit with support of five different microprocessors: 8085, 8086/8088, Z-80, 6502 & 8031.

Added in the product range are: ISA bus based PC add-on cards for various industrial application: AD/DA, Data acquisition, Digital I/O etc.

One of the major products useful for development of electronics instruments: PC Add-on EPROM programmer & Stand-alone EPROM programmers.

Year 1991 was the turn around for the company. Samyak had a major break thro’ by having assignment from a leading instrumentation company. This was about developing indigenous flow totaliser & other flow measurement products.

Year 1995, company had developed its first product in the domain of batching application: a Batch controller unit.

In the same year company had assignments for development of terminal automation jobs for various refineries. Company has successful development and installed these products at different sites.

In the same year, Samyak also started working as system house for leading brand of PLC.

In the year 1998, Samyak ventured into having an 100% EOU for software development.

With vast and varied experience, Samyak has become a trusted name in providing customized software/hardware solutions for process control industries. Samyak also have a lot of products under its portfolio.


Management Team

Promoters :

The company is promoted and managed by two technocrats having varied experience working with the Industry of nearly two decades.

1. Mr. Gopesh Sanghvi
2. Mr. Rakesh Gandhi

Mr.Gopesh is a graduate in the branch of Instrumentation & Control engineering. Mr. Rakesh is a graduate in the branch of Electronics & communication engineering. Both have worked with premier scientific institutions like Space Application Centre and Physical Research Laboratory respectively before. They have rich experience of more than 2 decades in various verticals in process industry like Textile, Food, Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, and Health Care.

Associate Companies :

Trading in IT products- Computers & Peripherals
APW President systems Ltd., Pune
Bhartia Industries Ltd., New Delhi

This is a 100% Export oriented unit for software development. The unit is registered with Software Technology Park of India, Gandhinagar.

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